Iterative B2B Podcasting for LinkedIn Growth +
Youtube Mastery 

We specialize in crafting platform-specific podcasting strategies that effectively communicate your message and engage your target audience. Enhance your authority, reduce acquisition costs, and open new opportunities with high-performing, customized podcast content.

We're experts in B2B, B2C and Thought Leadership Podcasts 
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We're the podcasting team the big guys trust

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Don't Just Own Your Audience.
Own Your Niche. 

62% of Americans use YouTube daily, yet B2B and B2C content remains outdated and clunky. Meanwhile, 30% of U.S. adults are on LinkedIn, but fewer than 1% post weekly. We ensure you make a splash in your niche by packaging your recordings into platform-ready content.

The Podigy Advantage

Expertise that elevates your podcast

Deep Platform Knowledge

You have the domain knowledge, we know how to present it in a way that resonates on Youtube and Linkedin for effortless organic growth

Consistent Innovation

Our iterative content strategies help you capitalize on the content your community responds to most. 

Automated ROI Maximization

We don't just rely on inviting potential clients on the podcast - we watch engagement across socials and let you know when cold leads start turning warm


Youtube is one of the fasting evolving platforms out there. We'll ensure you're always ahead of the curve by adapting and structuring your show in a way that stays revelevent and gives all of your content a channel to succeed. 

Empowering Podcasters to Success


Episodes Edited


Satisfied Clients


3-Year Retention Rate

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More than just editing 

Everything you need to put your best foot forward 

From studio set up to catchy intros and head-turning artwork, we handle every detail so your podcast launches flawlessly and cuts through the noise.

  • Concept & Branding: Nail your podcast name, artwork, and overall identity.
  • Content Confidence: Help refine your concept, structure your episodes, and script captivating intros.
  • Strategic Launch Planning: We develop a launch strategy to build anticipation and attract your ideal audience.

We Craft Audio that Gets Heard

Ever notice how little B2B podcast companies actually feature their... podcasts? With 9-figures of downloads, plays and streams under our belt, we figure there isn't much point in trying to hide what we've done. Our editing has been featured everywhere from People Magazine to Tim Ferriss to New York Post, and our video podcasts have been licensed for television.

Don't Just Make Videos 
Make an Impact

In today's saturated YouTube landscape, a great video is only the first step. To truly stand out, you need a strategic approach that connects your content with the viewers who crave it. At Podigy Podcasting, we go beyond editing – we become your partner in YouTube mastery. We'll help you identify your ideal audience, craft compelling titles and descriptions that rank, and create eye-popping thumbnails to ensure your message reaches the right eyes at the right time. The result? A loyal following, explosive growth, and a YouTube channel that makes a real impact.

Growth-Oriented Social 

Don't let your podcast get lost in the social media shuffle! We create captivating content that cuts through the noise. We highlight your podcast's most impactful moments, spark listener interest, and help you build a thriving community around your show.

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Don't just take our word for it.

We even make sure our testimonials look and sound great.

I can’t recommend them more highly.​

I have worked with Podigy since we started our podcast in 2019. They have been incredibly helpful in supporting the set up and best practices for the show and since then, have done an outstanding job with editing and post production. I continue to work with the Podigy team and know that they will deliver excellent work in a timely manner. The quality of what they produce can be trusted and will help you deliver an exceptional show.

Meghan Telpner
Today is the Day Podcast

You're in Good Company

Riley and the Podigy team have edited my episodes from the start of the Plant Proof Podcast. They pay incredible attention to the small details that make a show enjoyable to listen to and always go above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied with the edit. Would highly recommend their services to all podcasters whether new or experienced.

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Simon Hill

The Plant Proof Podcast

We’ve worked with Podigy for years on the production of our podcast. Despite many requests for quick turnarounds and sometimes heavily technical language they have been a tremendous help getting our weekly show out the door on time and always with excellent audio production values.

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Sarah Crespi

The Science Podcast

Podigy is a terrific company, they are always very smart and completely dependable...and are the ideal partner for a podcast whose host wants the technology to always work, the sound to be excellent, the editing to be superb and everything to work fast, effectively and well. They remove all questions and concerns from the process, enabling the podcaster to focus on just producing the content that he/she wants.

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Mark Gerson

Gerson Lehrman Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

What is a podcast editing service?

A podcast editing service is a professional service that offers editing and production assistance for podcasts. It involves enhancing the audio quality of the podcast episode, including removing background noise and ensuring a high-quality final product.

How can a podcast editing service improve my podcast?

A professional podcast editing service can edit and produce your podcast to ensure it has a polished and professional sound. This includes audio editing, creating a compelling intro, adding show notes, and delivering a final audio file of the highest standard to launch your podcast successfully.

What does the production process involve?

The production process of a podcast involves editing the audio and video files, ensuring a professional audio outcome, and managing the turnaround time to meet the needs of your listener. It may also include creating a custom package for podcast launch.

Why should I outsource podcast production?

Outsourcing your podcast production to a professional editor or production service guarantees a high-quality result. It allows you to focus on creating and recording content while the production aspect is expertly handled.

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