Try The Podigy Sound 

Want a taste of how you could sound working with Podigy? Submit your audio below and get emailed a copy of it run through our in-house, automatic processing that all of our clients' audio gets run through first, and hear how we unmask the quality in your audio that other editors miss. 

How it works

Our automatic processing has been honed and refined over many years and thousands of podcasts to make every speaker, no matter how they record, sound their very best. It's a mixture of traditional techniques, AI and Podigy know-how under one in-house platform we use to make sure you can record how you want. 

Submit Your Audio in the Form Below

Single-speaker audio works best, but try it on completely mixed podcast episodes as well. Limit of 100mb files.

Our Processor Will Get to Work 

Our system will analyze your audio and attempt to denoise, de-reverb, restore lost frequencies, eliminate resonances and give your speech a professional sheen. 

We'll Email Your Cleaned Up Audio Automatically

We'll send an email with a link to the new audio as soon as it is done. 

Hear the Difference

Compare the processed file to the original file submitted. Most folks notice an overall more-pleasing and tighter sound that is less boxy, has a more focused low end and smoother high end. You should also notice any noise and music (mostly) eliminated)

This is just the starting point of a Podigy edit, and only one of four variations our processor makes for each piece of audio. 

Yours to Keep! 

While we provide this as a low-stakes way to hear the quality we've built into even our automatic processing, you're free to do what you like with the file.

Known Limitations

This is completely speech-optimized, and used as a starting point for our editing team. Submitting non-speech audio is going to generate sub-par (but maybe interesting!) results. 

Processing the files is genereally is slower than real-time, and you will be queued behind any files before you. While it is fully automated, it could be several hours before your file is sent back to you. Smaller files will process much quicker, so consider sending a 5-10 minute sample instead of 30-60 minute file.

Let's Start Your Podcasting Journey.