White-Labeled Podcasts Your Clients will Love You For

We hear it all the time - your client wants to move into podcasting, but you don't have an in-house team. You can't take a chance on under-delivering with a freelancer, and other agencies want to lock you into long term contracts and a pipeline that doesn't match with what you're already doing. 

That's where Podigy comes in. We're your award-winning, swiss-army-knife, behind-the-scenes production team handling everything your client throws your way and reliably delivering podcasts that are a cut above the rest.

Scale your agency offerings and billable hours with Podigy's best-in-class content production and repurposing. 

We're experts in B2B, B2C and Thought Leadership Podcasts 
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We're the podcasting team the big guys trust

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Why we're different

We work on shows people actually listen to 

The Podigy Advantage

No flat-rate, minimum effort here. We succeed when your clients succeed and you look good. 

We're Podcasters First

Other agencies are marketing-first, quality-second. We don't waste your time with sub-par drafts or outsourced edits. We hone into your clients' needs the first time and deliver over and above expectaction.

Bridge the Knowledge Gaps 

Bring in a Podigy producer to interface directly with your client, or rely on us to help build out strategies for audio and video podcasts that are based on platform best practices.

We Adapt to Your Pipelines

We know podcasting is the new kid on the content marking block. That's why we  don't do minimum contracts or monthly retainers. You aren't stuck footing the bill when your client goes on tour for 2 months unexpectedly or decides to spend all of July finding themselves in Bali. 

Experience that Matters

From studio setup to talent-wrangling, remote-recording managmenet and custom audio and video repair, we handle all the technical aspects of post-production, giving your client the freedom to record the way they want, and you the confidence you'll exceed their expectations every time. 

We've built our brand on two things: Consistency and Quality. It seems to be working.


Episodes Edited


Satisfied Clients


3-Year Retention Rate

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Your partner in client success 

Your Fractional Podcasting Department 

We adapt our systems to your in-house content pipeline, and fill in the knowledge gaps for a seamless client experience

  • Concept & Branding: You know your client's voice, we know the industry. Together we strategically position your client's show to become a long-term asset to their business
  • Our  Experience = Client Flexibility: We don't make C-level executives take a crash course in podcasting. From glass boardrooms to private jets to Antarctica trips, you'd be hard pressed to throw us a recording setup we haven't encountered before and gotten top-tier content out of. 
  • Dedicated Teammates: When your client needs to make changes to the artwork and episode title an hour before launch, it's an email to your dedicated Podigy team lead, not a ticket to be processed, that ensures the changes are made ASAP.

Plug Into Industry-Leading Quality 

Not all editing is made the same. Try running one of our competitor's podcasts through our in-house automated processing, and hear for yourself how much audio quality they are leaving on the table. 

What does that mean for you? Fewer headaches, less time vetting assets, and no apology emails to clients about sub-par work.

Demystify Youtube 

If there's one thing we've learned from dozens of B2B and B2C consultations, it's that everybody wants to be on Youtube, and no one is really quite sure how to get it right. 

We translate Youtube best practices used by leading channels into actionable (and Compliance-approved) production techniques appropriate for larger brands and well-known thought leaders. The result is connecting your client with their ideal audience organically - creating long-term assets.

Social Media Approval Simplified 

Everything we produce for the show we're happy to post up on its behalf. Moreover, we'll track the best performing across channels and suggest iterative content that will double down on that growth. Each episode, everything goes into a GSheet with simple actions for you or your client to take to approve/revise/scrape any content. 

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Don't just take our word for it.

We even make sure our testimonials look and sound great.

I can’t recommend them more highly.​

I have worked with Podigy since we started our podcast in 2019. They have been incredibly helpful in supporting the set up and best practices for the show and since then, have done an outstanding job with editing and post production. I continue to work with the Podigy team and know that they will deliver excellent work in a timely manner. The quality of what they produce can be trusted and will help you deliver an exceptional show.

Meghan Telpner
Today is the Day Podcast

You're in Good Company

Riley and the Podigy team have edited my episodes from the start of the Plant Proof Podcast. They pay incredible attention to the small details that make a show enjoyable to listen to and always go above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied with the edit. Would highly recommend their services to all podcasters whether new or experienced.

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Simon Hill

The Plant Proof Podcast

We’ve worked with Podigy for years on the production of our podcast. Despite many requests for quick turnarounds and sometimes heavily technical language they have been a tremendous help getting our weekly show out the door on time and always with excellent audio production values.

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Sarah Crespi

The Science Podcast

Podigy is a terrific company, they are always very smart and completely dependable...and are the ideal partner for a podcast whose host wants the technology to always work, the sound to be excellent, the editing to be superb and everything to work fast, effectively and well. They remove all questions and concerns from the process, enabling the podcaster to focus on just producing the content that he/she wants.

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Mark Gerson

Gerson Lehrman Group

Ready to Connect?

Book time below to talk to our founder, Riley Byrne, about your show. 
Or, reach out to contact@podigy.co to get the ball rolling over email.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

I don't want our client to know we're working with an outsourced company

Not a problem! In these cases, we find adding our team members to a generic "team[podcast]@[company name].com to be a great way to ensure any client concerns come through as quickly as possible, and all of our responses can be vetted and sent by a representative of your company

Our clients are Influencers/Media Figures/C Level Executives who need something very specific

That's why partnering with a podcasting-first team like Podigy is so essential. We have experience working on shows with the biggest figures in the entertainment/business/sports world, and can seamlessly accommodate almost any request, no matter how last minute or obscure. 

What's the advantage of Podigy over an in-house team?

Podcasting isn't and never becomes our secondary job. You're always plugged into a team of professionals on the bleeding edge of podcasting trends and technical advances, oftentimes created by us. 

We have multiple clients who would like to use this service, do you offer discounts?

We offer bulk discount rates that are applied to your Agency account total. You can use that to lower your operating costs, or pass the savings on to your clients.

Let's Start Your Podcasting Journey.