No Contracts
Just Quality 

We don't lock you into long-term contracts, or make you pay a monthly retainer. Pay for only what you get: best-in-class audio and video podcasting and social material. 

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Simple Per-episode Pricing

Go episode-by-episode, or purchase 12 episodes up front for a 10% discount!

Audio Editing


For those who need great audio editing, but can handle the rest in-house

  • Best-in-class audio editing
  • 2-business day turnaround
  • a la carte add-ons available
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Audio + Social


For those who want to supercharge their audience growth on auto-pilot

  • Audio editing, show notes, transcription and hosting with our corporate account
  • Social Package with episode artwork, carousel post + 2 vertical videos
  • Everything posted by Podigy, monthly producer round down on growth and outlier iteration
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Audio/Video Editing


An audio and video version of the podcast, edited specifically for each platform

  • Color correction and restoration as needed for video
  • Lower thirds and episode thumbnail created per episode
  • Unlimited camera angles/footage resolution/etc
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Audio/Video + Social


Everything needed for explosive organic growth on Youtube 

  • Everything in Audio + Social
  • 3 SEO Clips + 3 Vertical Videos per episode 
  • 1-on-1 production calls and content strategy sessions to maximize contact impact. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do custom packages! 

I'm starting from scratch, do you have a startup packge?

Yes! Our startup packages can be added onto any episode purchase. Our Audio Startup package is $1500 and includes equipment consultation, RSS feed setup and cover artwork. Our Video Startup package is $3000 and includes equipment consultation, RSS feed and Youtube channel setup, cover + social artwork and intro/outro/lower third motion graphics for the video podcast. If purchased with 12 episodes upfront, it is also eligible for a 10% discount.

What are turnaround times?

Audio edit - 2 Business days
Audio + Social - 5 Business days  
Audio/Video edit - 4 Business days 
Audio/Video + Social - 8 Business days

If you need something quicker, we're happy to help! There may be a rush fee ($50 for audio, $100 for video) if the turnaround is extra tight, but if we are given enough heads up we can often accommodate. 

I need something not listed/Do you have a la carte pricing? 

Not to worry! We can definitely make up a custom package for you, please email or make an appointment through Calendly to talk. 
We can help with everything from studio setup (and travel to you to help set it up), running remote recording sessions through our corporate Riverside account, whitelabelling services, podcast ads and more. 

I am looking to editing teams, how do I know Podigy is right for me?

Let's connect! We'd love to set up a test edit to show you just what working with Podigy would be like! Reach out on Calendly or email with your details

Other production companies promise  a Top 100 Apple Podcast, do you?

While some companies might focus on achieving a quick boost to get you into the Top 100 charts, at Podigy, our commitment goes beyond short-term wins. We prioritize building sustainable growth for your podcast that delivers long-term success. Here's why:

Rankings Fluctuate: Apple Podcast rankings are dynamic and can change daily based on new releases, listening trends, and other factors. A focus on a one-time ranking doesn't guarantee lasting visibility.

Sustainability Matters: We concentrate on strategies that cultivate a loyal audience and keep them engaged over time. This includes crafting compelling content, optimizing your podcast for discoverability, and fostering a strong connection with your listeners.

Long-Term Impact: A sustainable podcast with a dedicated audience is far more valuable than a short-lived spike in the charts. It allows you to build brand loyalty, establish yourself as an authority, and achieve your podcasting goals over the long term.

Our approach focuses on strategies that nurture a thriving podcast, such as:

In-depth keyword research to target the right audience.
Compelling content creation that keeps listeners engaged.
Strategic audience engagement to build a loyal community.

Podcast optimization for better discoverability.

Data-driven insights to continually refine your strategy.

By prioritizing these aspects, we help you achieve sustainable growth that positions your podcast for long-term success.

What makes you different from the monthly flat-rate podcasting teams?

While monthly, flat-rate podcasting teams can be a good fit for high-volume production (2+ episodes a week with fast turnaround times, like 4 business days or less), they might not be ideal for everyone. Here's where we stand out:

Pay Per Project: We believe you shouldn't pay for services you don't need. Our system allows you to purchase only the specific editing tasks you require for each episode, giving you total control over your budget.

Focus on Quality
: Flat-rate services can sometimes lead to a "quantity over quality" approach. We prioritize delivering exceptional editing on every episode, ensuring your podcast maintains a consistently polished sound.

Dedicated Editor & Project Manager: Unlike flat-rate models where editors may rotate, you'll benefit from the consistency of having the same editor work on your show. This builds familiarity with your style and content, leading to a more streamlined editing process. As you order more from us, your dedicated editor becomes even more invested, acting effectively as your podcast's project manager, anticipating your needs and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Our approach allows you to scale your podcast production up or down as needed, while guaranteeing a high-quality final product and a dedicated team member who understands your vision.

Let's Start Your Podcasting Journey.