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Tired of your great ideas getting lost in the noise? Podigy can be your secret weapon to podcasting success. Our expert team equips you with cutting-edge tools and personalized coaching to refine your voice and story. We don't just launch podcasts - we build thriving communities and turn your ideas into powerful audio and video brands that dominate the charts.

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Simplifying Success 

We take the guesswork out of the equation, offering you a seamless blend of technology, strategy, and support. From concept to launch and beyond, our expert team is with you at every step, ensuring your podcast not only goes live but thrives in the digital landscape. 

Studio Setup and Equipment Selection

Tell us how you want to record, and we'll make sure you can do it exactly how you want to. Want help setting up your studio? No sweat - we'll come to you. 

Branding and Positioning 

Structured for impact: We'll help you design a compelling format and production style that maximizes listener engagement and propels your podcast to the top of the charts in your niche.

Launch Blueprint

Everything you need to launch successfully - From New and Noteworthy submissions, to social media content and paid media strategies. 

Expert Post-Production

Audio and video production is all handled in house by a hand-trained team. Your show, handled by the same editing team, each and every week. 

Posting on Auto-Pilot

Everything we create for the show, we're happy to post up on your behalf. Audio, video, verticals, carousels - everything handled in-house so you can concentrate on the content.

Iterative Content Creation

Partner with us for video production and we'll help identify outlier content - content that performs much better than the rest of the channel, and make sure your audience gets more of that in the future. 

Organic Growth with Iterative Content Creation

The secret to long-term success with podcasting isn't a splashy ad-spend in season one. It's creating content with an target audience in mind, and refining your messaging over time. Here at Podigy we'll help you identify "outlier" content - videos and episodes that perform well above expectations, isolate the variables that made them pop and iterate on that content in the future so you're always releasing content your community loves.

For instance - Podigy identified this portion of The Kenny Aronoff Sessions with John5 as something that would work well broken out from the main episode. That experiment lead to: 

- 329 000 views and growing, the highest performing video on the channel (higher than the podcast it came from)
18% of All Subscribers to the channel
- Youtube promoted the channel organically both on Youtube and Google to lookalike audiences

The equivalent ad campaign would have cost $5 000 -$15 000, all for content that was already in the video, just packaged correctly for the target audience.  

Content Iteration Builds Your Audience

Your ideal audience is already on Youtube - iterative content creation is the process of packaging your message in a format your community wants. 

An Engaged Audience is a Growing Audience

Platforms are always looking to keep people in their ecosystem longer. Iterate on your most engaging content, and your content will be pushed more to similar audiences.

High Performing Content Become Long Term Assets

Lower acquisition costs, increased customer lifetime value, better conversion rates and higher brand trust are just some of the advantages over the short-term visibility boost of advertising content.

Stand Out in a Crowd

Every cover, thumbnail and carousel post is billboard for your show - we make sure it's optimized to convert your ideal subscriber every time. 

Our in-house designers ensure your show always stays ahead of the curve 
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Head-turning Trailers 

Announce to the world you're here in style with a trailer aimed to capture the hearts and minds of your target listener/viewer. 

Award Winning Audio 

Podigy's audio production has been consistently recognized by both listeners and award committees around the world as a cut above the rest. What does this mean for you? The flexibility to record how you want, when you want, with the knowledge of knowing you have a world-class cleanup team behind you making sure the show sounds great everytime.  

Platform-Native Youtube Video

Getting Youtube right can be tough, but carries with it huge rewards: our clients (and others) with both video and audio versions of their podcasts see 8-10x the number of streams on video over audio. 

We'll work with you to identify key content within episodes to cut out as long-form SEO clips, and help you develop short form vertical videos that convert. This allows us to identify outlier content, capitalizing and interating on top-performing content that your viewers want to see. 

Social Success 

We make sure your content is optimized for your audience, no matter who you are or where your audience is. 

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